My name is Mithlista, and I’m a digital and traditional artist- Using my passion to bring characters to life. 

I started my journey with acrylics and a paintbrush, and in 2022 I added a Wacom to my art supplies and haven’t stopped since.

I believe that art is for everyone, and strive to create art for all budgets that everyone can enjoy. 

Mixing my background in traditional painting with digital art has inspired me to create pieces that show my passion for brush strokes, dynamic lighting, and classical paintings. 

Every character deserves to be brought to life visually, so lets get started!

I’m so happy you’re here, let's get to know one another!

[ A work in progress- Commission 2023 ]

SJM Licensing Information

The art depicted on the products listed for sale is wholly original to me or to artists commissioned by me. Sarah J. Maas has not collaborated with me or with artists commissioned by me in any way in the creation of the art, and the traits of any characters depicted in the art are in no way based on any foreknowledge by me or an artist
commissioned by me of the traits of any characters in future books by Sarah J. Maas.